Making the difference.

Automation is the name of Kurt’s game. Currently, over 89% of our die cast division is automated, and we continually add and implement process automation enhancements. With our high quality, best-in-the-industry engineering software, we’re able to provide a better quality product and precision casting in a shorter period of time.

Kurt Aluminum Die Casting leverages our experience in aluminum die castings, precision aluminum machining, assembly and program management philosophy in providing our customers with industry-leading solutions.

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Aluminum Die Casting Rimrock automation equipment:

  • Auto ladle
  • Auto spray
  • Auto extract
  • Shot monitoring
  • Automatic plunger lube application
  • Trim unloading

Process and work flow improvements including:

  • Special machines for high volume repetitive products
  • Dedicated work cells
  • Cellular automation
  • Trim stations/secondary operations at die cast machines
  • Packaging at trim stations
  • Part conveying systems
  • Kurt proprietary system for shot monitoring

Automation offers:

  • Improved quality through consistent processing
  • Better equipment utilization
  • Higher productivity with reduced labor
  • A cleaner work environment